France or Mexico: What to Choose?

Today a lot of people consider France to be a place which everybody should visit at least once in a life. Travel agencies offer a lot of attractive travel tours, ranging from inexpensive France vacations to all-inclusive packages. It is perfect to travel France in any season. Thus, you will definitely enjoy France ski resorts in winter and sea beach entertainment in summer. Besides, year-round sightseeing tours are popular among those fervent tourists who want to learn its culture, architecture and cuisine. It is also advisable to visit the major cities of France, including Marseilles, the center of art and culture; Nice, which is thought to be a perfect place for honeymoons; Lyon, with its distinctive landmarks. Of course, it is impossible to skip the capital of France, Paris, where the majority of famous historic monuments is situated. Among them there are La Tour Eiffel, Musée du Louvre, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, Arc du Triomphe, etc.

But if you are willing to broaden your tourist experience and find something striking and unfamiliar, Mexico travel will not disappoint you. This country offers endless traveling options and gives an opportunity to learn the history of other civilizations and their heritage. Thus, a lot of people are interested in visiting a land where the Mayas and Aztecas left their interesting sights and riddles. Besides, Mexico attracts a lot of tourists with its white sand beaches and extensive array of water activities, including scuba diving, fishing, surfing and whale watching. To learn more information about travel flights and tours available is possible from any travel agency.